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  • .22 Mag Rifle

    I am going to purchase a .22 mag rifle and have been doing a lot of internet searching...........makes one crazy. I seem to have narrowed it down to the ruger 77/22 and CZ 457 American. I prefer the traditional rifle, wood stock. And I also want to put a scope of the rifle. Again, LOT'S of internet searching....crazy. Seems the 4 x is recommended. Just curious to get some feedback that won't be bias or misleading. Appreciate any advice / help. Sorry, I also posted this under Hunting. I'm new to Forum's

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    I've always been told when it comes to scopes you get what you pay for. Vortex is a solid choice in my opinion. I've shot the ruger and loved it but never tried the CZ. Let me know how it goes!


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      I agree with you get what you pay for. I do like my Vortex scopes. I'm getting the feeling the gun manufacturers are behind some of this gun shortage chaos. It seems odd that for the past year to date hand guns, AR's and shot guns are a dime a dozen. Yet there is a shortage on other long rifles ?? I'm not going to pay a high price for a .22 mag nor am I going to buy one I don't want just to have one. I can play the game as well. So, we'll see.

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