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Walmart has lost their minds

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  • Walmart has lost their minds

    Recently we attempted to list our TLO Tactical Double Rifle Bags for sale on the Walmart.Com marketplace. Sadly, we're used to being SHUT DOWN by all the woke, liberal crazies who run these big companies. Walmart refuses to list our bags for two reasons:

    #1: they had a picture of an "assault rifle" (I doubt anyone there really knows the difference)
    #2: they advertise the ability to carry "ammo"

    I'm not making this up. Remember the good ole' days when you could go to Walmart and buy a gun and some ammo ... before they caved to the mob?

    First, we edited our listing and removed all the images that actually show guns in the cases. Then, they rejected it again since the cases "hold ammo".
    Time to find a new place to shop, folks.

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    Walmart is crazy about that.


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      And thats why I try to avoid Walmart unless absolutely necessary


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        Originally posted by TDOGClyde View Post
        And thats why I try to avoid Walmart unless absolutely necessary
        Amen to that Clyde. We The People need to stop being pushed around. We're not radical, we're Free and have a Second Amendment that must not be trampled on or whittled away at.


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