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Little Kids Big Catfish!

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  • Little Kids Big Catfish!

    Hey Ya'll, we tried our hand at some Limb Lines this weekend and caught a bit Blue Cat our first night!

    Does anyone else do this? What tricks have you found?

    Most of the water here is moving pretty good, so finding an eddy seems to be the ticket.

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    Closest thing I got to a catfish last year was a snapped line 😭


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      Man that's a big ole' catfish. Nothing better than doing that w/ the kiddos. Congrats. My Dad used to bait them all the time in the Ocmulgee and Oconee Rivers here in middle Georgia. My dad used to always use small bream or small blackfish. He also used Octagon soap - (or Ivory soap) - the catfish would eat it, but not the eels. There were times we'd have eels on every hook and had to use the soap.

      He would hang a line right behind a log that had water running over it, or off a big willow limb. Didn't have to be out of the current.


      • Proven Wild
        Proven Wild commented
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        Thanks Fred, Ivory Soap - those catfish must have been really hungry up there!

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      What a GREAT picture. Besides the fishing, what awesome time to spend with your kids. I still remember going salmon fishing with my dad. Great times.


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        Besides the great catch, a real beauty, the kids all have their life vests on! Nothing like time on the water with your kids.


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          That's a nice catfish! Those kids will always remember that catch!


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