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  • You ever seen this?

    I have ever only found this in one place in Peru Vermont. The red squirrels pile the pine cones at the base of the trees.

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    That’s so weird, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like that.


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      community buffet! Definitely odd, but must be a reason


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        Is that bark shaving's ? Did you go around the tree looking up ? I've watched a giant woodpecker shred a tree stump. Last week, while back cutting wood. I found tree's that this giant wood pecker and drilled some holes, leaving toothpick size pieces of bark on the ground.

        giant woodpecker damage to trees michigan at DuckDuckGo
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          Nope it’s the red squirrels I watch them do it


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            WOW. Is it the little, vicious red squirrels or the larger fox squirrels ? Just curious. I've seen the little, vicious red squirrels here hide them. Watch the large fox squirrels find their stash, take some and then the little red squirrels will move their stash. Surprising that they are leaving it out in the open. Either their packing some heat or there's hardly any predator's around
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              Little red pain in the but ones


              • Rose
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                Well, my guess is their packing some serious heat and have already taken care of any predator's. Be careful and be ready to defend yourself.....they clearly have an agenda...LOL!!!!!

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              Maybe their waiting on you to make a move on the stash!


              • Rose
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                Can you hear Elmer Fud...........shhhhh, be, very, very, quiet. LOL!!!!!

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              What's up Doc?


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