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BIG Bull Moose of Nova Scotia, Canada

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  • BIG Bull Moose of Nova Scotia, Canada

    I've traveled out to the east coast of Canada, from my home in Ottawa, Ontario, approx. a half dozen times over the past 10 or so years. Each time it is to Cape Breton Island, which is part of Nova Scotia. Although the scenery, hospitality, and experiences are second to none, my main reason for going is to photograph and film big bull moose during the rut.

    I time my travels for the last week of September. This is prime rutting season. I then spend my days hiking the wonderful terrain that are part of the Cabot Trail - hoping to run into one of these guys.

    Here are a few of my favourite images:

    Click image for larger version

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    There's nothing more incredible than being in the presence of a big bull moose. They are massive and definitely awe-inspiring.

    Covid put a damper on my travels this past fall. Fingers crossed I'll be making a return trip back out there this year.

    Here's a video, showing a big bull that was watching over a bedded cow:



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    Wow look at the palms on that guy


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      that is crazy. Did you ever feel like you were in danger?


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        WOW, stunning photo's


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          Originally posted by fredmckinnon View Post
          that is crazy. Did you ever feel like you were in danger?
          Only twice did I feel a bit of fear. Once was when a bull was trailing a cow over an open field. When you are behind a big 500mm lens, you can forget the distance between yourself and your subject. When I took my eye away from the camera, I realized I was closer to the action than I expected. And both animals were coming my way. That incident I didn't even have a tree close by, so I just slowly moved off and away.
          Another time, not knowing, a cow was bedded down. I was between it and a bull. He turned and started walking pretty fast towards me, turning his head side to side and during the deep grunts. Again, I moved out of his path fairly quickly, lol.
          I've been photographing moose and whitetails for a lot of years, so have learned certain behaviours and signs of distress or anger. Knowing what to keep an eye out for, as well as shooting with a long lens, lessens any chance of a charge or interaction greatly. Still, during the rut they are one of North America's most dangerous animals.
          Saying that, I am pretty frightened of bears. Go figure, haha!


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