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  • Mushrooms

    Anybody know what this is?

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    I've been watching that "Alone" series, and it looks like the kind they gather and eat, but I can't remember the name.


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      Chanterelle Mushroom ?


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        Originally posted by Rose View Post
        Chanterelle Mushroom ?
        That's the one - I'm not saying that's what it is ... but that's the one they are always looking for in "Alone", and I think it looked like that. A quick google image search does seem to suggest that's what it is.


        • Rose
          Rose commented
          Editing a comment
          And it suggests they are edible. Of course everything on the internet is correct...............right ?????

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        Rose is probably correct, it appears to be a type of Chanterelle, there are several. I've got a mushroom app, and it shows up in the edible column. Discretion advised


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