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  • .22 Mag Rifle

    I am going to purchase a .22 mag rifle and have been doing a lot of internet searching...........makes one crazy. I seem to have narrowed it down to the ruger 77/22 and CZ 457 American. I prefer the traditional rifle, wood stock. And I also want to put a scope of the rifle. Again, LOT'S of internet searching....crazy. Seems the 4 x is recommended. Just curious to get some feedback that won't be bias or misleading. Appreciate any advice / help.

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    I love my marlin 22! It has a 3x9 double crosshairs glow in the dark crosshairs with range finder and see thru mounts. I know that’s overkill.

    as for scopes trial glo is making an awesome scope I just got one for my 308


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      Thanks, I'll have to check it out. I am looking for a .22 magnum rifle. I'll look into Marlin and see if they make a .22 mag rifle. Scope sounds AWESOME


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        Tru glo sorry


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          I went on Marlin's website, they make a .22 mag rifle. I want / prefer the 'old' style rifle with a wood stock. I'm guessing I'll run across one while poking around in an off the road gun shop some day in my travels.


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