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    Almost hooked up with a turkey yesterday morning, but I experienced one of the things I hate about public land, other hunters. Now I don’t mind seeing other people out hunting, but when they seem oblivious to other hunters or just trying to be a jerk it just makes me shake my head. Was calling in about 4 birds and were about 100 yards out. Next thing I knew another hunter walked right by my decoys making all kinds of noise. Next gobbles I heard and the turkeys had moved away and couldn’t get them to come back. Anyone else have public land horror stories?

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    Almost got shot by a idiot who came to my hen calls. Just looked at him, got up and left the area. I still hunt public land but get way back in. Have shot plenty of birds on public but you've got to be aware of what's going on!


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      I was pretty far in as well. Really wasn’t expecting someone to come in but he probably came to my hen calls.

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    spooky part was, he came in ready to shoot. I was up against a big oak and he walked right by me. When he realized something was amiss he turned around and saw me staring at him. As I said earlier, I just got up and left.


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