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A Whitetail Buck Shed His Antler on my Trail Cam Video!

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  • A Whitetail Buck Shed His Antler on my Trail Cam Video!

    Hello All,

    As an avid shed hunter and trail cam enthusiast, I've always had a goal (although I knew it would be a lofty one!) to capture a buck shedding his antler(s) on one of my trail cam videos.

    I keep cams out year round, and since the area I work is public land but off-limits to hunting, I capture some pretty cool captures of buck behaviour. I had a buck show up this past July sporting mile high brow tines. He next showed up 12 days later, but this time was missing his entire velvet right side antler. What happened remains a mystery, but this buck became a fan favourite and was given the nickname 'One Side.'

    I would capture 'One Side' regularly, both with the trail cams and with my DSLR while out hiking. He was very comfortable around me, which allowed me to get close and capture him in his element.

    Here he is on November 9:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	OneSideEdit.jpg Views:	0 Size:	717.2 KB ID:	339

    I made it my goal to find that left side antler when it shed. (In the back of my mind, I was hoping that shed action might happen in front of one of the cams...)

    Fast forward to January 8th. Our bucks often drop early here, and the first few weeks of January are prime. As I walked up to my cam that morning, I could see from a distance a shed antler laying perfectly in front I was over the moon! (I was also secretly praying that my batteries weren't dead when he dropped it).
    It took me a minute to realize it was the antler from 'One Side,' That alone made my season. But when I reviewed the footage, and found out he shook it loose the day before - and it was all caught on video... well, it doesn't get any better than that.

    This trail cam video is going to be a tough one for me to top. We'll see what next season brings!


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    That’s cool. What trail cams do you like?


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      Originally posted by Mtifft View Post
      That’s cool. What trail cams do you like?
      This past fall I made the switch to a Zopu (after randomly finding them on Amazon and reading positive reviews.) That's what the video above was taken with. Best video quality I have found so far, super quick trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, side triggers, and a wide angle view. And for under 70 bucks.
      I have two currently out in the field but will be switching them all to this unit come spring.


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        Oh awesome the video is nice


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          Justin Hoffman Outdoors if you get a chance, drop a link to those trailcams on Amazon


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            Originally posted by fredmckinnon View Post
            Justin Hoffman Outdoors if you get a chance, drop a link to those trailcams on Amazon


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              Got it - I figured they were a Chinese company, Chinese sellers are becoming the majority of sellers on Amazon's US site ... I'm not throwing stones, though, we still have to have some products manufactured there. And if the quality is that good, the price sure is great!
              • Business Name:Shenzhen Zhoupu Digital Technology Co,. Ltd.
              • Business Address:
                • 5 / f, huigu , meisheng, longchang road, baoan distric
                • shenzhen
                • guangdong
                • 51800
                • CN


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                Yep. And you're right - the majority of manufacturers on Amazon are 'made in China.' Nothing wrong with US made (although I do live in Canada, lol), but I have yet to find a cam with these features and quality for the price.
                Nothing wrong with guys that want to spend 2 or 3 hundred bucks for a cam - I certainly have in the past, and have had some issues with those well-known brands. And although I lock mine all up, I still had one stolen this season. At a $60 price point...well, it works for me.
                (I have an older Stealth Cam that is also 1080p. There is no comparison with the video quality. I almost hate capturing footage on that one, haha!)


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                  The pics and video are so cool to have like that! What a treat!


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                    Rose you were looking for trail cams check these ones out


                    • Rose
                      Rose commented
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                      Ok, Thank you for your help

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