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  • hey everybody!

    hey everybody its been quiet in here. So lets talk feel free to message me directly or comment on here. New members feel free to share! We dont bite we leave that to the fish. talk anything we all love the outdoors we all come from different backgrounds. If you have a question ask we might be able to help. hope all is well to my fellow outdoors people!

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    So quiet --- just sent an email trying to get some action. I knew this would be hard.


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      I just read it


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        It has been quiet on here. I am looking to get more hunters/fisherman in here to get the group off the ground.


        • Mtifft
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          Everyone I talk to I tell them about it. But it goes nowhere

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        I was just talking to Mike this AM about this. Honestly, I'm about ready to waive the surrender flag. Nothing that I've done, or that Sam has done, has generated any interest in people being a part of this community. I hate to give up, but I have expenses to operate this, and literally, unless you count the dozens of time-consuming spam signups I get all day every day from spam bots ... I think maybe ONE legit person has signed up (and never posted) in many months. ONE PERSON.

        Sam asks EVERYONE to signup via our social media. Every customer that orders on the TLO website gets an email and even offers a $10 gift card to signup.

        Yet - nobody signs up.

        I'm open to suggestions, but so far .. nothing is working.


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