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  • Help Us with New Website Pls

    Hey Gang,
    For those of you who have shopped with TLO in the past, you may notice a pretty HUGE shift in what's available on our website. Up until a month ago, the only items we listed were our own, branded TLO Outdoor items. These are still there under our "TLO Featured Items" section, but we have partnered with our best suppliers to add over 5,000 products from all of the brands you love.

    I've spent an enormous amount of time in the past 3-4 weeks adding a lot of improvements to the website's navigation, product filtering capabilities, etc. Much more to go.
    But there is nothing better than DIRECT FEEDBACK.

    Will you take some time and surf around TLO Outdoors and give me some good feedback on what you like, what you don't like, suggestions, etc? I'll listen with an open mind - I have lots more work to do, and there will be plenty of suggestions we just can't handle right now - but I'd love to hear from you all.

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    Hey Fred it’s looking good some things I saw

    - you have a couple shirts mixed in the the clothing accessories

    ​​​​​​- there are arrow wraps in the broadheads section

    - there are backpacks in the guncases

    just some things I saw. I haven’t got thru all of it there is a lot and you did some great work I know how much of a pain in the but it is to list stuff


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      Website looks great! Love seeing more archery stuff on there


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        I did go to the website and poked around, appears to be a lot of good gear and a wide selection to choose from. As time allows, I'll look around some more.
        Easy to navigate


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