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  • Fred McKinnon, Founder - TLO Outdoors

    Hey Everyone!

    I've been a community guy as long as I can remember. I love networking and bringing people together. When I launched this company, TLO Outdoors, it all started with a couple of Facebook Pages. One was called "The Love of Hunting" and the other was called "The Love of Fishing". I eventually merged them together and just called it "TLO Outdoors" (for "the love of" the great outdoors).

    I grew up in McRae, GA - a small rural town in south/middle Georgia. I'm blessed that my Dad taught me all about hunting and fishing and always made sure we had a place to hunt and shoot. I grew up shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, and loving being outside.

    Now I live on St. Simons Island, which is a plush resort vacation island on the coast. I've been here since 1995 but I'm still a good ole' boy.

    After trying to build a community on Facebook for a couple of years, I got really tired of all the censorship, the banning and blocking of all attempts to advertise anything remotely close to a firearm or even simple firearm accessories. I believe in the TLO brand, and it's my desire to build this community on our space, away from big-tech and social media.

    I hope that this community becomes an excellent resource for your enjoyment and education!


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    Hi my name is Mike tifft. I am 38 and live in southern vermont. I own an archery pro shop in woodford vt I also am starting a business selling outdoor clothing.

    I have been hunting since I was 10 mostly whitetail deer. I’m attacker and like to hunt big woods. I mostly hunt vermont and upstate ny now by my camp in the Adirondacks.

    my new passion is hare hunting. I have been doing it for three years now and hooked. I got my first beagle this year.

    I love backwoods stream fishing for trout.


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      Hi, I'm Rose. I grew up in Northern Michigan. I started hunting whitetail at a young age, stopped hunting for various reason's. Due to being overrun with deer I took up hunting again last year. Got my firs buck Nice 8 point. I am big on supporting US products and found TLO. I LOVE by blue camo and green camo gun slings..........LOVE them.


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        Mtifft and Rose - thank you for posting your intros ... will you copy/paste those, and make a NEW topic with them - (see the way I did mine with my name, etc) - and how @Josh did his ... my idea was that all new users will post an introduction topic, and then we can comment and welcome them.


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          I see NEW topic, but I can't see / figure out how to post my intro ??


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            Originally posted by Rose View Post
            I see NEW topic, but I can't see / figure out how to post my intro ??
            Go to The Lodge, and click "New Topic". Your intro is the new topic.


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